How to save Mozilla

Disclaimer: I’m not a current or former Mozilla employee and have no other affiliation with Mozilla. This is my own analysis of the publically-available information surrounding Mozilla’s decision to radically downsize in a way that seems to further threaten Firefox’s future.

A lot of people are very angry at Mozilla’s management for their decision to restructure the foundation, which is not unreasonable. But seen in context, I think most people would, if in their position, make the same decision.

Why is Mozilla cutting staff on its most popular product (Firefox) and refocusing on things that look like unsuccessful stunt projects? Because they’re about to lose the revenue from it. Google is to blame for not renewing the contract that gives Mozilla a share of the ad revenue from the Firefox search bar. The web browser market has been walking on thin ice since 2008 when Chrome came out, because with Chrome available and under its own control, Google no longer had a reason to support the ecosystem with revenue-sharing deals. Now it seems like Google wants to see just how thin it can make the ice before Mozilla goes under.

And why are they focussing on products nobody uses? Because they can make money by selling VPN subscriptions and premium bookmarking accounts without depending on the (obviously limited) goodwill of their competitors.

What can you do about this? Here are some suggestions: